Friday, 10 October 2014

Oath - Alumni Induction

           We, do solemnly pledge unbroken allegiance/ to our Alma Mater in appreciation for the opportunities for transfiguration / rendered to us as students at Mount Tabor.
            We swear to faithfully fulfill our duties as graduates of Mount Tabor Training College/ imbued by the spirit of its vision and mission/ to render positive service to the community, state and nation./
            We will endeavor / to earn our own place among the alumni/ who by their devotion to this ideal,/ have brought recognition and honor to their alma mater./
            We as goodwill ambassadors of this institution / promise to keep the flag of our alma mater flying high / by living and spreading the culture of Mount Tabor./ We will always strive to stay together as a family/ by networking with our fellow Taborians /and shall ever do our best /  to uphold the ideals and traditions of our Alma Mater./

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